Lanco Elite | About Us

Lanco Elite Lacrosse Club encourages female lacrosse players within the Central PA region to excel both on and off the field by providing a positive and competitive atmosphere for skill improvement, as well as supporting our athletes throughout the college recruiting process. approved by the Board on 3/1/09

Our mission is two-fold:

  1. We strive to provide excellent skill training to players at all levels and give every player an opportunity to learn, grow, and compete in a supportive environment.
  2. We seek to support our older players interested in pursuing a college lacrosse career by developing helpful resources and providing guidance throughout the college selection process. In addition, we are committed to giving prospective college athletes the best opportunities to be seen by college coaches.

Club History

Originally established in the fall of 2005 as a means of providing lacrosse training to girls in Central Pennsylvania, Lanco Elite Lacrosse Club continued to grow when it was combined with the York Girls Lacrosse team in the Spring of 2006. Lanco Elite has continued to grow and change in an effort to better to provide the opportunity for girls lacrosse players in Central Pennsylvania to improve their skills and showcase their talents against similar teams across the country.

From it's inception, Lanco Elite has been committed to meeting ALL players where they're at, regardless of skill level, and developing them into competitive, confident athletes. As we have grown, we have also worked with many players to help them to find a college lacrosse program that fits their needs and challenges them as players and as people. We believe that girls sports are the perfect environment to teach life lessons that will carry far beyond each player's lacrosse career. Our girls are so much more than lacrosse players to us!

We currently have 18 different schools from 5 counties in Central Pennsylvania represented on our team rosters. In addition, over the past three seasons, we have sent over 30 players to college lacrosse programs all over the country.

Non-Profit Status

After functioning for 4 years as a Limited Liability Company(LLC), Lanco Elite Lacrosse Club recently converted its status to a nonprofit corporation formed under 501(c)(3). Our primary goal for becoming a nonprofit entity is to have the ability to apply for grants and receive donations and sponsorships in order to improve our programs. With our nonprofit status, we are hoping to be able to provide our athletes with better overall experience, and reduce costs to families. We are aiming to be able to give every athlete that is interested the opportunity to play lacrosse and one of our goals is to eliminate whatever hurdles prevent girls from being able to develop as lacrosse players. Everyone that has the desire to play, should! We believe that our new status as a non-profit will enable us to meet that goal more effectively.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Lanco Elite, please email